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Some Doors Are Not Yours

“I was putting in some fuel in the generator at home. Some flies kept hovering over the source of light I had with me.

Just as I finished putting in fuel and I wanted to cover the tank- one of the flies flew directly into the tank.

Well! I simply covered it.

As I turned away, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “It is not all opportunities that are meant for you. It is not all open doors that must be accessed”.

A lot of us pray for open doors but are we really sure of which ones are meant for us.

When Joseph was trusting God for a change of story, Mrs. Potiphar came with an “open door”. That open door would have become the grave of his destiny.

Some doors are not for yours.

After Naaman got healed, Elisha said “thanks for your gift but keep it”. Gehazi said, “I must not miss this open door”. He ended up doing the “right thing” at the wrong time.

Some doors are not yours.

When you sit to discuss that business deal and a red flag keeps going up in your head and an alarm clock rings in your spirit. Hold on for a while.

Some doors are not yours.

When you keep sensing that discomfort as you move forward. The donkey you ride easily suddenly becomes unfriendly. Ask God to open your eyes to see- maybe an angel is stopping you on the path that is not yours.

Some doors are not yours.

When that man/girl comes around all the time. Quote Bible passages. Say sweet things. Bring gifts. Eventually proposed but you are not at peace. You are always worried and uncomfortable. Be careful.

Not all that glitters is gold. Some doors are not for you.

You went for interview. Questions were simple. Interviewers were smiling and seemed friendly. The offer was mouth watering. But you are afraid, something keeps telling you don’t take the offer. Be careful. Some employers are slave drivers, agent of death, destiny destroyer.

Some doors are not for yours.

When they see the healings and miracles God wrought through you; the multitudes been ministered to by you; hearing the authority with which you speak and they decide that they want to willingly make you their king.

If that is not your calling, do not see an open door, see an uncovered grave!


Some doors are not yours.

Discern before you enter.

Some “good” opportunities have killed “God” opportunities.
May the Spirit of the Lord continually guide His people. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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