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Understanding Leadership (Issue 1)

Are Leaders Born or Trained? Are there born leaders? Is everyone a leader? Is everyone a follower? This questions comes up now and then in leadership talks. Let us set the scores straight. Leaders are born and leaders are trained. There are born leaders. In fact everyone is a born leader. Everyone is a leader and everyone is a follower. Every potential leader must be trained for multiplied quality effective result. Every raw materials is useless until processed.

In the beginning when God made man (mankind), He made him a leader. God blessed him and gave him dominion on earth. God is the first and best leader there is. When He made man He said let us make man in our image and after our likeness. So being a leader, He reproduced himself, a leader in man. Since then, everyone born on earth came with leadership potential.

The simplest basic demonstration of Leadership is to undertake responsibility for an assignment or task given to you towards an effective, successful, productive end result. As simple as arranging a dining table for dinner to be served. Your leadership potential is activated for proper discretion to effectively set up the table for a comfortable dinner experience.

Now to the one who gave you the assignment, you are a follower. But in executing the task, you are a leader. You must take the lead now for the task delegated to you for effective result. So at one point you will be following. At other instance, you will be leading. You will always be switching between leading and following at different times. So develop strong leadership qualities as well as strong following qualities.


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